Happy to announce that The Bananaman Show: Episode 1 (Cheer Up, Bananaman) came in 3rd place at last night’s Channel 101 screening!  

That means a brand new episode (Bananaman’s Kombucha Stand) will compete in next month’s screening.


I had a karaoke dance party birthday bash. It was rad.

Photos by Elann Danziger.

It begins…

It begins…

Murf Vs. Gimghoul is currently being submitted to festivals.  Please “like” it, leave comments, blah blah blah.

And if you know of any festivals looking for submissions, hit us up!

Rob Malone and I, dancing ‘till the world ends.

May you find true love this Valentine’s Day.

May you find true love this Valentine’s Day.

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Gethard let me borrow his Ford Fiesta this weekend, but it wasn’t fiesta enough. 70 balloons later… now THAT’S a fiesta!

[and here’s video of the tail end of his reaction]



Vacation Jason Presents: Jason’s Vacation

My latest jam for #TCGS.  

Next week: Flick That Bean starring Shannon O’Neill


Enter… The Whoa Zone!

Featuring Rob Malone and Jonnie Whoa-Oh!

Rob Malone gets whoaner when he enters the WHOA ZONE.

I had the great pleasure of being a guest on this week’s Talking TCGS with my cohort Rob Malone.  Griffin Newman and Dave Sims interview us about meeting at NYU and how we first got involved with TCGS, and we give context to our latest TCGS special (SOG3) along the way. In typical “kskill" fashion, we spend more time on distractions than we do on topic.