Watch me put up street fart and listen while I talk in a super funny distorted voice.

(SHOT/EDITED by Keith Haskel)

Here’s my newest episode of Spending Time With. This one stars Hanksy, a NYC-based street artist whose work consists solely of pop culture puns and parodies.


♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖
I♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖

beard pals approved.


♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖


I♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖ ♖♆♖

beard pals approved.

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Best of 2011

Was fighting the urge to post my best of 2011 list (see bottom), but fuck it, here it is:

#1 album:

Other Important Albums:

  • Deerhoof - Deerhoof Vs. Evil
  • tUnE-YarDs - w h o k i l l 
  • Wilco - The Whole Love
  • Atlas Sound - Parallax
  • Panda Bear - Tomboy

Best of (everything else):

13 cool things I did:

Best discovery in 2011 that did not come from 2011:

  • Air (the band)

Goals for 2012:

  • Go for it.
  • Be more cryptic.

Hot Sugar can do no wrong.


Molly Soda #Last X-Mas (Produced by Hot Sugar) (video by SteamClam)

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I’ve been plugging Hot Sugar ever since I downloaded his first EP, Muscle Milk.  We became friends in or after college, and he’s been gracious enough to lend his tunes to the kskill jams Beard Pals 4, Spending Time With Felix Morelo, and the upcoming The Human Fish Discovers The World Of Men (Part 1).  

Today he made an official announcement that his new EP Moon Money will be released on Ninja Tune, the label of which one of my favorite artists of all time, Kid Koala, is signed to (not to mention Mr. Scruff and Antibalas).  This is mother effing inspiring, mother effing cool, and I’m mother effing proud of this man.



its official.

All aboard the Hot Sugar train…. choo choo!!

Take note:  Mr. Sugar will be playing The Chris Gethard Show on 9/7.


That time I recorded human skulls and other bones in an underground cemetery.

Hot Sugar: Moon Money coming soon…

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Hot Sugar - “Ice Queen”

Hot Sugar's debut EP “Muscle Milk” came out today and I can't stop listening to it (download for free here).  It sounds like Mr. Scruff, RJD2, Mr. Oizo, Hot Chip, and Holy Fuck are laughing and grooving all the way down the curly slide at recess.  Download it, love it, and share it with your curly-slide loving friends.

Also, peep the sick video above for Hot Sugar’s “Ice Queen” (not on the EP) created by J.D. Amato.

In other music news, I found a sweet new video of Kid Koala (my favorite turntablist) showing off cool shit in his studio and talking about his recording process. Watch it here.

Quirky music, yeah!