Caught moshing like a pig at the Nine Inch Nails show last night.
(Photo by Charlie Todd)

Caught moshing like a pig at the Nine Inch Nails show last night.

(Photo by Charlie Todd)


Babysitting Keith last night was really fun, but he got a little rowdy when his favorite band started playing on the T.V.

Couldn’t make it to the NIN show last night, but that didn’t stop me from rocking out.


Released in 2002 as an Easter Egg on the And All That Could Have Been DVD (that release has many secrets), this video is a hybrid of footage from the song’s scrapped 1999 music video and live footage from the 2000 Fragility tour. Original music video footage filmed by Tomato. Editing and live footage by Rob Sheridan.


Got tickets to see NIN this summer at Lollapalooza. This will be the 13th time I see them, unless they play a NY show before then, in which case I’ll go to both….

Here is a video I shot in a mosh pit when I saw them at Bowery Ballroom in 2009.

You don’t care, but I don’t care that you don’t care because I’M PSYCHED ENOUGH FOR ALL OF US!!!

"And I’m pretty sure I’ll always remember where I was when I heard that Obama got reelected - watching a man get electrocuted while a chorus of people sang NIN’s Closer."

—  ksek

Hey! I’m currently editing something for Wednesday’s #TCGS!

Wait, no I’m not!  I should be, but I’m watching every possible rendition of Nine Inch Nails’ March Of The Pigs instead.  I think the embedded version above wins (Beside You In Time, 2007 - spunky & sloppy, full of energy!) but these are great, too:

Fragility (2000) - Ooooh, dark. He’s on heroin!
Lights In The Sky (2008) - Last arena tour ever!  High tech!
Wave Goodbye (The Downward Spiral Live @ Webster Hall, 1999) - Chaos! Tiny Venue!  MOSH!!!!

Uhhhh.  Thanks for wasting my time, Keith.

nine inch nails - 1,000,000 (live at rehearsals, july 2008)

This never fails to get me pumped up.

Nine Inch Nails - Last (live at Homdel, NJ 6/6/09)

I miss these guys.

Radiohead - The National Anthem (Live)

Nine Inch Nails fans did it better, but you can never go wrong with tons of fans filming an awesome band’s live show and then doing a multi-cam edit with all the footage, as Radiohead fans prove with the 8/23/2009 Prague show.

[via pitchfork]

Lord Of The Rings

Shot in Venice, CA by Alexander Schepsman.

Edited by me.

Music called “Ghosts” by Nine Inch Nails

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