new kskill: DATE SANDWICH featuring Ilana Glazer

BROAD CITY! Tonight at 10:30pm on Comedy Central!

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This will probably be my favorite TV show of all time.
Bonus: A new kskill sketch featuring Ilana Glazer comes out in December.  Yeah! 


So, this is what we’ve been up to!

I don’t think we could be more excited about anything ever! I do want to take a sec and thank absolutely everyone that has ever been involved with one or many of our episodes.  This without a doubt took a village, and we hope that we get to bring the real deal back to our community and make more with you guys…ON TV!

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Pretty sure I pimp Broad City on my blog harder than anything else, but they’re worth it.  They’re the premo shizz: All other web series are infected, Broad City cures cancer.

Watch and love, and love and watch.  And wear protection. And cross your fingers for Season 3.



even though this is our biggest vid yet, we still gotta push it push it push it good. show the world your affinity for broad cinity if you like supporting and that kinda stuff. if not, i still hope you watch and enjoy it. and if you don’t do that? just have a good day and don’t hurt anybody, okay? don’t hurt yourSELF, fellow tumblrer.

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Broad City - Yoga

Broad City one of the few YouTube accounts that updates regularly and never disappoints.  It’s funny, quirky, quick-witted, low-fi/honest, and Ilana Glazer is completely hilarious.  Shot and edited really well, too.  Props.