Keith Haskel’s Top 10 Videos of 2012

My favorite thing to do is make videos. 2012 was my most productive year yet, and this list is my way of archiving that.

Money From Strangers: My full-time job is being the post-producer of this MTV hidden-camera prank gameshow. My main task is to watch cuts and give editors notes on how to make the show funnier and faster. It’s the best job I’ve ever had.

Spending Time With Hanksy: Although I spend most of my time an energy on comedy, there’s a place in my heart for street art. When I heard Hanksy was installing for the New York Comedy Festival, I had to make a video about it. I woke up at 4am and shot this with him in Little Italy.

Who Wants To Be On Public Access: I think I’m a terrible actor, but I LOVE doing man-on-the-street stuff. This was right after Bonnaroo and I think I made it without telling Gethard or JD. Might be the funniest video I’ve ever made. The post-apocalyptic version we made for the Time Travel episode of TCGS is even more insane.

#BonnarooGethard: I’ve said it a million times: The two-week cross-country adventure that was #BonnarooGethard was the best two weeks of my life. Getting paid to make videos with your best friends culminating in a performance at Bonnaroo (with an all-access pass to boot)? Ho-lee Shit. I’ll never live this down. (Of the 22 videos we made, my 3 favorites are Hoover Dam, T-Ball, and Fire Truck Race)

Vote For Me Maybe/Old Enough: Yo, straight up, Connor Ratliff is a genius. Everyone knows he’s a gifted, hilarious performer. What you might not know is that he’s a gifted, hilarious filmmaker. He edits his own shit on iMovie. He repurposes junk takes and turns them into gold. I followed him around a lot of this year and the dude always on. Even if I didn’t get “the shot”, sometimes ESPECIALLY when I didn’t get the shot, that’s the take he’ll use. He once told me he likes the crappy shots more than the good ones because he edits them into whatever he wants. He can make full videos using only bad takes! Anyhoo… I shot a music video with him and he generously gave me a producer credit on his 40-minute documentary about running for president. Both are some of my best work of the year.

Bethany Likes Fun: Hooping/Whiskey With Murf: Bethany might be the most adorable, wholesome, lovely person I’ve ever met. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing, you’re entertained. Throw her into a war zone and she’ll land on her feet, escaping with 10 new friends along the way. We’ve got some big Bethany Likes Fun videos planned for 2013, but have also been focusing on quick iPhone ones. Either way, more to come.

White-Out Athletics Commercial: Dru Johnston, man. Talk about another lovable character. One of the friendliest, easy-going, non-confrontational dudes I know. Give him a one sentence direction and you’ll have a 2 minute take of pure gold. Also, Rob Malone. I don’t need to suck Rob Malone’s ding dong on this blog because I do it so much on camera, but Rob shot and edited this with me. Without Rob, my videos are shit.

MATES!: Actually shot this 2 years ago. We wanted to pitch it to Adult Swim, but heard that they weren’t interested in animated stuff at the time. That doesn’t make sense to me, but for some reason I never questioned it. Being that we had higher hopes for this than a throw-away YouTube video, but had no one to pitch it to, it just sat on my hard drive. I came across it again while I was supposed to be editing something, and was like “what?!?! you never released this!?!”, and put it online. WOW, WHAT A BORING STORY!

Spending Time With Random George: This fucking guy. I spent 2 full days filming him and didn’t know who he was. Mid-shoot, he nearly has a breakdown because he’s so distressed that he can’t tell me who he is. He’s deep, he’s weird, he’s lovable, and he’s very hilarious. This video was as fun to produce as it was to experience.

Fuse: Olympics Closing Ceremonies: I was a segment producer for Fuse for like…. 9 weeks? Then they wanted me to start coming in at 8am and I told them that I couldn’t do that because I party every single night. It was a short run, but it was a super fun one. Working at Lollapalooza was a blast, but my highlight is anything I made with Dan Brown. Dude’s an all-star. He says he’ll be president some day. I believe it.

Dishonorable Mentions:
Bananaman in a Thong Cleaning (yuck)
Cock Cutters 2 (yuck)
Scatadogical (yuck)

Cheers, friends. See ya in the new year.